Common xpdf version for GNOME and KDE

Alexander Larsson alexl at
Wed Feb 2 10:38:00 EET 2005

On Wed, 2005-01-26 at 17:43 +0100, Tobias Koenig wrote:
> Hi,
> since GNOME and KDE developer experienced that the xpdf developer(s)
> don't accept external patches, but the original version of xpdf is quite
> limited and is missing a lot of usefull code, I'd like to suggest a
> common version of the xpdf sources hosted on
> Developer from the GNOME and KDE project could put all their environment
> independent extensions there, so that we don't have to reinvent the
> wheel over and over again.
> Furthermore a common-xpdf mailing list for discussion would be quite
> usefull.
> Ciao,
> Tobias
> P.S.: Please group reply

There is already a copy of xpdf in the freedesktop cvs tree, namely
cairo/xpdf-cairo, which has the initial work for a cairo-based xpdf
backend. I asked the main xpdf author if he was interested in this code
(because ideally I'd like it folded back upstream), however he wasn't
interested at all, although he'd gladly put a link to my code on his
xpdf links page.

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