Emoticon theme specification Version 0.1

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at tiscalinet.be
Sun Jan 9 15:02:23 EET 2005

My first mail was maybe too fast sent.
I've tried to explain more in this mail.

As many others instant messaging client, Kopete support emoticons.
The user may choose, in the preference, a theme for emoticons. You may 
download some Kopete emoticons theme on the internet (kde-look.org)

Recently, Konversation (an IRC client) added support for emoticons. They 
decided to use the same emoticon theme format as Kopete. so theme that might 
be found on kde-look works also for Konversation.
Even KMail plan to do the same.

The actual format is two years old.  It's a package containing all emoticons 
picture + an xml file giving each picture his ascii equivalent.
themes are placed in $KDEDIR/share/emoticons

It might be interesting to make a freedesktop specification for emoticon 
themes.  So any program (instent messaging, mail, newsgroup, ...) might use 
it.  And users will like to find more emoticons themes for their favorite 

I've specified it, the version 0.1 is there.

As current implementation, there is already Kopete, which has it for more than 
two years.

When it has been done, it has been planed to expand it later with some 
possible sounds tag. But this has finally never been done.

Gaim themes has also the possibility to specify that an emoticon should 
appears only for a specified protocol.
That specification doesn't have this, but if this is really wanted, it could 
be added.

Tell me if you are interested.
If you are not interested, tell me why.
And if you want to modify or change something, tell me also.


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