I think we need to extend the use of .desktop files for these two special cases

Kristof Vansant de_lupus at pandora.be
Wed Jan 12 02:05:56 EET 2005

I think we need to extend the use of .desktop files for this two special

In gnome two things come to mind:

1) gnome-volume-manager: (medium management)
I don't want to fill in manually "goobox  -d %d" I just want to select
goobox for handling my audio cd's. (users don't do goobox --help and see
what command they need!)

so maybe a solution is to put in goobox.deskop
medium-play=goobox  -d %d

gnome-volume-manager only shows in the play audio cd listbox the
programs that have Volume=audio in their .desktop file. And only the
name of the application (no confusing stuff).

in nautilius-burn
medium-burn=nautilus --no-desktop burn:

2) multimedia-keyboard: (multimedia keys management)

I should be able to select my favorite music player out of a list of
installed audio players.
The computer should find for itself what commando it has to use to play
the next track, how to stop the track, etc.

so maybe a solution is to put in rhythmbox.deskop

keyb-play=rhythmbox --play-pause
keyb-pause=rhythmbox --play-pause
keyb-previous=rhythmbox --previous

for firefox:

Maybe it is not the best solution I'm proposing but the problem is there
and should be fixed. Sorry that I can't give you any kde examples.

lupusBE (Kristof Vansant Belgium)

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