Emoticon theme specification Version 0.1

Matt Rogers mattr at kde.org
Mon Jan 10 04:08:17 EET 2005

On Sunday 09 January 2005 03:37 pm, Tim Ringenbach wrote:
> Gaim has its own smiley themes. The format is completely different. See
> http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/gaim/gaim/pixmaps/smileys/THEMES-HOWT
>O?rev=1.1&view=auto and
> http://cvs.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/gaim/gaim/pixmaps/smileys/default/the
> It has a bunch of features your xml spec doesn't have. It also seems to
> be more compact.

Perhaps we can combine the two. I would almost say that we could use gaim's 
current spec as is, but i think the spec should split icq and aim into 
seperate groups (which doesn't appear to be the case in gaim's current 

> Specificly, it allows more than one text string for each icon, it allows
> hidden icon, and it groups them by protocol, which seems pretty
> important to me.

the kopete theme already supports this. if this is left out of the current 
draft spec that Olivier proposed then that would be an error.

> I suspect even Gaim's format could use some enhancements however. I've
> been meaning to bug some people about how some things work so I can
> figure out what.
> --Tim

I haven't read the draft Olivier proposed yet (shame on me). But a spec that 
provides a set of defaults for all protocols and then allows overrides per 
protocol would be ideal, so we don't have to specify icons for each protocol 
unless we want to override the default


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