Proposal and RFC: Introducing DAL, the "Desktop Abstraction Layer"

Marcin Krzyzanowski krzak at
Thu Jan 13 17:33:46 EET 2005

Użytkownik John (J5) Palmieri napisał:
> On Thu, 2005-01-13 at 09:24, Marcin Krzyzanowski wrote:
>>Użytkownik John (J5) Palmieri napisał:
>>Take a look at
>>this is exactly what I've been thinking about when I did it as a proof
>>of concept with OFI.
> Looks like a nice project.  Have you talked with the Galago guys?  They
> are doing something similar and are listed on the freedesktop project
> page.

Honesty... I did OFI before I find out Galago.

IMHO there is really no additional daemon need as Galago propose.

As simple as possible interface with D-BUS is enought and I belive in 
it. Developers may have objection using another one library as a depency 
with another one interface and in addition oriented for GNOME which make 
  thinks stright in a way of "propably work only in GNOME and need GNOME 
to work", it's not a way to favorite any of envineroment.

The think is to create possibly flexible interface to play with, 
everything else start work when more developers will implement it, look 
at other spec. Everybody now use .desktop file because it just flexible 
enought and can be implemented independently. But you know all that 
stuff. :)

Marcin Krzyżanowski

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