Brad Hards bradh at
Sun Jan 23 09:40:48 EET 2005

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 10:49 am, Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:
> Currently Release 1 (xnoybis)   is on our server.  
> Interested parties should kick it around and suggest patches.  
Interesting. It would really help with qconf 
(, where currently using pkgconfig requires 
ugly system() calls and parsing of stdout.

1. It compiled for me, but the API documentation doesn't build cleanly - I'm 
getting warnings of the form:
/home/bradh/coding/pkgconfig-0.1.0/src/lib/package_c.h:34: Warning: unable to 
resolve reference to `Package::version' for \ref command

[I guess you know that you don't need the \ref in Doxygen]

2. It isn't clear what the library API will be. Looks like there are C and C++ 
versions, but the C API docs are completely opaque, so I'm not sure.

2A. As an example of my confusion, why is CmdLineOptions in the PkgConf 
namespace? Why is cmdlineoptions.[cpp, h] in the src/lib directory, rather 
than in src/app?

2B. For C++, am I just meant to use PkgConf::Package? Can you explain the 
classes a bit?

3. Some of that unittest code looks familiar...

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