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Sun Jan 23 20:52:11 EET 2005

On Sunday 23 January 2005 00:00, Owen Taylor wrote:
> I don't think anybody is particularly tied to the current implementation
> (it seems to work pretty well, but...) Command line and file format
> compatibility is much more important.
I agree.  This was our goal of the first release here, to make sure we are 
100% compat with the current cmdline and file format.

Second stage will be to provide the "lint" application for validating pc 
files, and to provide more robust win32 support.

Third stage will be to start exposing the parts of the library needed to make 
tools like kde-config use pkg-conf metadata.  This should drive the design 
for the public API to embed and extend pkg-conf.  NOTE: by extend we are not 
allowing or promoting the extension of the file format itself.  We are just 
allowing *-conf tools to extend what is there with dynamic data via the 
current rules of variable expansion in pkg-conf.  

Fourth and beyond stages will be integration into MSVC, XCode, QMake and other 
build tools beyond autotools.   

The main goal though over the course of all of these stages is to solidify and 
document the current .pc format as a standard for this metadata and to ensure 
it can be reused in other projects.

	-ian reinhart geiser
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