Common Desktop Interface Specification (aka CDIS), initial work

Ikke eikke at
Sun Jan 23 14:54:24 EET 2005

> Hi!
Hey, thanks for the hints.

> Some minor questions from a XML beginner ;)
> Can an argument's type be specified as attribute? This way arguments may 
> be specified a little bit more compact:
> <cdis:Arguments>
>   <cdis:Argument cdis:id="1" cdis:name="Uri" cdis:Type="String"/>
>   <cdis:Argument cdis:id="2" cdis:name="Para2" cdis:Type="String"/>  
>   <cdis:Argument cdis:id="3" cdis:name="Para2" cdis:Type="Integer"/>
> </cdis:Arguments>
This can be done, of course. I only dislike using too many attributes.
Where would, e.g., Argument/Description go? Not as an attribute I hope,
that would be ugly.

> Is it possible to extend the type enumeration ("Bool", "String", 
> "Integer") without a new version of the standard-schema? Why not use (a 
> subset of) the XSD type system?
Good idea, I'll look into this.

> Should the service description be separated from the interface 
> description? The xml-file describes the service "CdisMusicPlayer" which 
> supports the interface "org.freedesktop.CDIS.MusicPlayer". Will another 
> service X supporting the same interface declare that interface again? 
CDIS should not provide service descriptions, only interface description
a service should implement. Maybe the name "Service" is bad, it caused
some troubles on the DBUS mailing list too. I'll change it to
"DesktopInterface" or so? Although I don't really like that name, but

> BTW: I think you don't want to allow multiple types for an 
> argument, like this:
I'll check if this is allowed now, it shouldn't be of course :-) An
argument can only have one type (otherwise dbus_message_get_blah (forget
function name) won't work correctly.

> (Would "Parameter" be a better name for "MethodValue"?)
I made a little mistake here: Arguments are given to a method:
	int test (char *test)
			^^^^ Argument
whilst ReturnValues are the returned values (DBUS can return multiple
values AFAIK)
Which means my definition of an Event is bad: an event only returns
values, it doesnt take any arguments.

> And maybe some beautification for the the schema location?
> '.../CDISInterface.xsd' instead of '.../CDIS CdisInterface.xsd'?
I dont have any files on fdo ;)
I though Schemalocation was like this: "namespace
location-of-schema-file", as it is now.

> regards,
> -Timo-


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