Common Desktop Interface Specification (aka CDIS), initial work

Timo Stuelten t.stuelten at
Sun Jan 23 15:29:45 EET 2005

On Sun, 23 Jan 2005, Ikke wrote:

> > <cdis:Arguments>
> >   <cdis:Argument cdis:id="1" cdis:name="Uri" cdis:Type="String"/>
> >   <cdis:Argument cdis:id="2" cdis:name="Para2" cdis:Type="String"/>  
> >   <cdis:Argument cdis:id="3" cdis:name="Para2" cdis:Type="Integer"/>
> > </cdis:Arguments>
> This can be done, of course. I only dislike using too many attributes.
> Where would, e.g., Argument/Description go? Not as an attribute I hope,
> that would be ugly.
No. Not as attr -- but as long as you won't define it with use="required", 
there will be no Description node in short examples ;) 
Additionally, as attr it would interfere with localization via the 
xml:lang-attr (heavily used in RDF):
<dc:description xml:lang="en">foo<dc:.../>
<dc:description xml:lang="fr">fou<dc:.../>

> > And maybe some beautification for the the schema location?
> > '.../CDISInterface.xsd' instead of '.../CDIS CdisInterface.xsd'?
> I dont have any files on fdo ;)
> I though Schemalocation was like this: "namespace
> location-of-schema-file", as it is now.
You're right -- XML beginner as i said :))


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