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ian reinhart geiser geiseri at
Tue Jan 25 18:18:08 EET 2005

On Tuesday 25 January 2005 08:16 am, Andreas Pokorny wrote:
> I believe a proper pkg-config support is very important to simplify
> boost usage. Is there away to make the output of pkg-config dependent on
> parameters passed to pkg-config?
> e.g. i want `pkg-config --libs --options toolset=icc,debug boost-threads`
> or something similiar to return -lboost_thread-icc-mt-d-1_32, or an
> error status if that version does not exist.
> Is that possible in the current version of pkg-config?
If it cannot be solved with variable expansion in the current pkg-config then 
it would fall under the category that kde-config falls under.  Its dynamic 
data that needs to be calculated at the time the config utility is run, not 
compiled.  Now if you know all these variables and you want to substitute 
them with the --define-variable argument you can expand your libs 
accordingly.  example pkg-config --libs --define-variable=TREAD=mt to expand 
the %{TREAD} to "mt"

Our solution would be to use the pkg-conf library to store the common data, 
but generate dynamic data in the specialized code.  NOTE: the goal here is 
that for simple cases you should still be able to do a pkg-conf --libs boost, 
and it should return what ever the default config or config at compile time 

 -ian reinhart geiser

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