pkg-config feature wishes

Andreas Pokorny andreas.pokorny at
Tue Jan 25 15:16:23 EET 2005

Inspired by the recent discussion about pkg-config, I remebered a
package configuration problem I could not solve with pkg-config. 
Maybe due to the fact that I dont know all feature pkg-config 
  The boost c++ libraries support a lot of different c++ compilers, and
they create their libraries with rather complex names:
The usual build includes static and non-static files, and ones with and without
debugging symbols. 

Writing m4 macros that handles all these possiblities, and maybe even
the icc versions of these files is really ugly, and still not working

I believe a proper pkg-config support is very important to simplify
boost usage. Is there away to make the output of pkg-config dependent on 
parameters passed to pkg-config? 

e.g. i want `pkg-config --libs --options toolset=icc,debug boost-threads` 
or something similiar to return -lboost_thread-icc-mt-d-1_32, or an
error status if that version does not exist. 

Is that possible in the current version of pkg-config? 

Andreas Pokorny
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