applications-merged xml example

detlef oertel oertel at
Wed Jan 26 16:42:45 EET 2005

Hello to all,

I'm new here so please excuse if I missed something.
I'm working on a scriptable setup program for Linux desktops,
this will be (I hope so) part of the open source software deployment
framework opsi (  (sorry, at the moment only in german)).
One part of this program is, to manipulate menu entries.
After reading the standard specifications I'm able to produce .dektop files
at the right places and also to produce the .directory files.

I have problems to build a well formed and functional xml file for the
applications-merged directory.
The Desktop Menu Specification say in:
C. How to add your application to the menus
"Install an XML menu file to sysconfdir/desktop/menus/applications-merged/ to add any submenus,
  if your desktop entries aren't already included in some common categories."

Is here anybody who can help me over the first step with an example file ?

And one second question: will be there a standard for the tasks:
- putting a .desktop file to the Desktop
- putting a .desktop file to Autostart

thank you for your help


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