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Joerg Barfurth jub at sun.com
Wed Jul 6 15:55:56 EEST 2005

Hi David,

David Collier-Brown wrote:
> ghee teo wrote:
>>    Do you really want to support  autorun feature? It is  such a 
>> security nightmare.
>>   CDE on Solarirs used to support it and we had to take it out for 
>> this simple reason.

>     Unix still has profile files, though, which can be use     to play 
> similar tricks: a colleague once dropped "logout"     into a csh .login 
> file (:-))
>     Unless you actually mean **root** autorun: the only
>     program I know that has that is Samba, and it protects
>     the commands (root preexec and postexec) against     unprivileged 
> people.

Look at what Ghee replied to:

Waldo Bastian wrote:
> When I mentioned autostart at mounting of media, I was referring to the 
> execution of a [.autorun|autorun|autorun.sh] executable located on the media.

So this was referring to autorun at mounting of media.

Desktop autostart indeed is like profile files. But for media autostart
the media creator determines what is run, not the user or his
administrator. The user can't even find out if anything will autorun
without actually mounting the media.

Ciao, Joerg

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