RFC: Autostart spec, first draft

Timo Stülten timo at stuelten.de
Thu Jul 7 23:56:27 EEST 2005

> I don't think there's anything wrong with Windows style auto-start. It's
> convenient for the user and requires minimal knowledge and interaction.
> We just need to get it right.
I guess the minimal interaction is the problem at least for me :)
So again: why not simply use an index.html for a similar effect?
The file browser could render that index.html when looking onto removable 
media (Konqueror already has an "show index.html" menu entry) and the page can 
show the convenient "click here to start" link or "how to start" text with as 
much multimedia content as a CD producer wants.


Timo Stuelten                                        timo at stuelten.de
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