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Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Sun Jul 17 00:39:03 EEST 2005

Le Samedi 16 Juillet 2005 16:32, Fabian Zeindl a écrit :

> I understand your point, but I have no idea why it should be better to
> have several "open" implementations of protocols against one unified
> one. Isn't it easier to compete when they help together?

Because it's how free software works.

Why should be there several client of the same protocol ?

Why should be there several application that does the same task ?

Why should be there several desktop environment ?

I often heard opinion such as "Why can't they merge Gnome and KDE ? They are 
dividing man power"

The answer is that there are people that want to work on their different 
program, with different objectives, visions, or just for fun.

There are already free libraries for some IM protocol implementations.
If a IM client author want to use it, he is free.

The diversity of the open source world, is (in my opinion) a very important 
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