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Fabian Zeindl fabian.zeindl at
Sun Jul 17 12:38:15 EEST 2005

Olivier Goffart schrieb:
> Because it's how free software works.
> Why should be there several client of the same protocol ?
> Why should be there several application that does the same task ?
> Why should be there several desktop environment ?
> I often heard opinion such as "Why can't they merge Gnome and KDE ? They are 
> dividing man power"
> The answer is that there are people that want to work on their different 
> program, with different objectives, visions, or just for fun.
> There are already free libraries for some IM protocol implementations.
> If a IM client author want to use it, he is free.
> The diversity of the open source world, is (in my opinion) a very important 
> thing.

I understand what you mean, but I think your thoughts apply to efforts
of uniting Applications (like KDE and Gnome). I don't want to unite any
IM-Client, I just find it useful to have a unique implementation of the
underlying protocol layer, like poppler is a united
pdf-rendering-implementation for kpdf, gpdf, evince etc...


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