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Philip Van Hoof spam at pvanhoof.be
Wed Jul 20 01:29:57 EEST 2005

Tomorrow we will do our second online meeting about DConf. You can ask
me or any of the developers which are listed on the wiki-page for more
details (like the time, location and the subjects that will be


You can read the log of our first meeting here:


We aren't publicising the meeting-details here simply because we don't
need "over my dead body"-people showing up at our meetings. You can ask
for the details and yes, every serious individual is hereby invited.

Some sources of information about DConf (these locations will change in
a near future) and are work-in-progress (read the log).





ps. No we didn't publicise the first meeting (here) until now. If you
think we didn't because we wanted to stay healthy, you guessed right.

ps. We are very interested in talking with KDE, GNOME, Mozilla and
OpenOffice.org developers who are interested in desktop configuration
management and/or have concerns.

ps. If you have questions about the architectural designs or the current
concept: please ask them at the meeting. We will not discuss it here.

ps. This ain't a promise about "DConf". We are doing our second meeting
and yes, getting started will take some time. It's silly to already
speculate about an estimated project completion date. I always answer:
in ten years it'll be finished. Is that a good answer?

ps. Please don't reply to the list. We don't need nor want yet another
flame-war about DConf here.

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