Starting Directory for Aplication launchers.

Joan Malagarriga Duarte j.malagarriga at
Wed Jul 27 10:56:20 EEST 2005

On Tue, 2005-07-26 at 23:54 +0200, Christian Neumair wrote:

> Am Dienstag, den 26.07.2005, 12:12 +0200 schrieb Joan Malagarriga
> Duarte:
> > Hi,
> > In the Desktop launchers the Path Key, is it allways a "satic" string,
> > lets say /home/data/startmyapphere, or is it a way to pass a directory
> > to it, like the %d in the Exec Key ?
> > My problem is, that many aplications I use, need to be started in the
> > same directory as the file they use, but using a desktop launcher for
> > these aplications allways start it in my home, so they fills my home
> > directory with lots of output files I've got to then sort out.
> Maybe you could come up with a concrete example? Shouldn't your
> application be able to
> a) determine the location of the opened file and just truncate the
> filename for storing data related to the open file
> b) include an user-modifiable output directory set through its prefs, if
> it produces a lot of specialized output data. A sample would be a
> rendering programs that has an output directory like ~/Movies for
> storing rendered clips.
> I just don't see why chdir stuff belongs to the desktop entry layer of
> our desktop architecture.

my aplication is in one case Hypermesh. Hypermesh is one of many CAE
Tools I use at work. As it doesn't know anything about GNOME or similar,
I normaly start it via Terminal ( cd workingdir; hm).
I was simply wondering if it could be possible to avoid the Terminal (I
use Gnome 2.10 on FC4).
So I created a launcher for the aplication. As I noticed that Hypermesh
used my $HOME as starting dir (The aplication saves its local prefs and
the output protocol there), I searched on the internet information about
the *.desktop files. So I found the spec on In the spec
it's the talk about a "Path"-Key. As Gnome 2.10 on FC4 doesn't put such
a key in their *.desktop files, Idecided to put it manualy. But it seems
to be ignored ( no matter if I say Path=/data/workingdir or Path=%d).
I decided to post to this mailing list, because you allready have  chdir
stuff in the spec (0.9.4), which seems to be ignored by Gnome 2.10 on

But back to your questions:
a) no it isn't able of doing this
b) nor has a user based prefs file.

Ok gEdit does it. ;) But I was talking of the integration of
non-gnomenized-Apps into Gnome (or KDE). 

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