A mailinglist about dconf and a description of the current concept/design idea

Philip Van Hoof spam at pvanhoof.be
Thu Jul 28 13:10:36 EEST 2005

Bleh, I hate mailing here ... so here goes nothing[1]

Only for people who are interested in the implementation and design of
what we are going to be calling "dconf". 

Note that this design isn't the final decision. This is a proposed
design that is under heavy discussion during meetings that will take
place these months and weeks.

I decided not to repeat myself here. As most people here know I even
decided not to do discussions about 'dconf' here anymore. Simply because
most of you guys are just here for flaming and being destructive. And I
know I'm being rude: Yet, and everybody knows it's the truth.

So I kindly invite the "interested/interesting" people to our mailing


We are talking/communicating with the UniConf people and investigating
what we can achieve with working together. So we are not (well, not yet)
trying to compete.

First read this e-mail which describes the different components


And then this e-mail which more or less describes a little bit why that
specific design was chosen


I've put online a drawing so that you can get a visual idea of the
described components while you're reading those e-mails.



Note that this drawing might or might not be removed and/or updated in

You can also read the archives of our mailing list online here:


We'll advertise meetings on that mailing list. Everybody who promises to
be constructive (not destructive) is hereby invited to both the mailing
list and the meetings.

We are NOT interested in your opinion (at all) if you're planning to be
destructive. In reality you will just waste your reputation if you plan
to start flaming us or about the concept/idea.

Please don't reply to this E-mail, use our mailing list. I don't want
yet another flame war about dconf here. We don't need it. And we aren't
interested in what comes out of such a flame war.

Also note that in the event that you do have something interesting to
add, you should append it to this wiki page:


[1] We will probably stop using xdg for announcements like this. I just
noticed that a lot people aren't informed about what we are doing at
this moment (and where to find us).

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