File dialog bookmarks

Claes at work claesatwork at
Tue Jun 14 23:49:18 EEST 2005


I think It would be good if file dialogs in different applications
could share their bookmarks. You know, the shortcuts that appear to
the left in many recent file dialogs. I did some quick research
(probably others can fill in here) how bookmarks are stored currently.

In gimp: they showed up in the file  ~/.gtk-bookmarks, and it was very
simple. It looked like this:


Next, I tried in KDE, Kontact. It showed up in ~/.kde/share/config/kontactrc

[KFileDialog Speedbar]
Number of Entries=2

My first suggestion is to standardize storage of these these
bookmarks, so that they are shared between dialogs. It seems to me
like desktop files could do be a good idea.

To gather some requirements for such a spec, I think it would be good
if directory bookmarks could be categorized. This in order to show
different directories depending on circumstances. Circumstances
include open or save dialog, mimetypes (images vs documents vs
tarballs etc), file source (downloaded, received, created by the user

I am not aware of any dialogs that actually allows such filtering, but
I have missed many times the ability to dedicate a certain folder for
downloaded files and another one for saved documents etc. Actually,
this does not have so much to do with lists of bookmarks as it has
with what default directory should opened for a certain file save/open
action. Well, it is related anyhow.

What do you think?


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