DConf and Elektra

Jamie McCracken jamiemcc at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Jun 19 11:01:07 EEST 2005

Fabian Zeindl wrote:

> Elektra can change it's Backend. The intended idea is, that the API stays
> the same for the programs while the Backend can be changed from Files to
> Databases to everything else imaginable.

so you can then write a backend for it to use DConf :)

> And I have a question too: Is DConf intended as configuration system for
> almost every application (even the systemapps in /etc) or just for Gnome/Kde
> Apps? Cause I think there are many applications developers which wouldn't
> use a unique system if it needs a daemon to be run.

It is being designed for a broad range of apps (even windows ones using 
the registry). DCOnf can and will run with or without a daemon.

> Maybe there's a possibility to create a system which could be run with a
> daemon and (with reduced functionality) without daemon too?

The DConf daemon is only strictly required if you are using a remote 
server like LDAP (or a local backend that does not have adequate 
locking) as we will need to have some caching and also some load 
balancing of connections in those cases.

Running without a daemon will not necessarily mean reduced functionality 
as Dbus can be used to multicast notifications to every client app 
without the need for a dedicated dconf daemon server.

DConf is still in design but it is being designed to be as universal as 
possible so all kinds of apps whether they are cross platform or are at 
the system level will be able to take advantage of it.


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