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On Thu, 2005-03-03 at 14:40 -0500, Jeffrey Vaughan wrote:
>Sean Middleditch wrote:
>Looks great, but I have one quibble:
> From the wiki:
>It is noted that desktop apps often do access files besides the user's 
>documents. Your word processor might save configuration files, for 
>example, or a recently-used files list, and so on. The Desktop VFS is 
>not designed for these files. Those files are typically stored in the 
>user's home folder in a dot-directory. That is a local file system. 
>Applications can, and absolutely should, use the system's native file 
>API (POSIX) for these files.
>I disagree with this understand this.  It would be hella cool for 
>applications to store settings using D-VFS.  For example, I would really 
>like to have my firefox bookmarks on a share of some sort that can i can 
>use from whatever host I want.  I think that chrome should be handled 
>(optionally) the same way. If a user wants her toolbar and bookmarks to 
>be consistent on different machines, she should absolutely be able to 
>specify a that bookmarks live on http://foo/... and that her chrome 
>settings are at smb://bar/...

It'll still be *possible* to store config settings there.  Doing so just
won't be prime design consideration is all.  It's assumed that apps will
prefer using something GConf, KConfig, "D-Conf," etc.

>However if the user doesn't want settings shared, she can always store 
>their configuration files at file://~/...
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