Announcing Poppler

Kristian Høgsberg krh at
Thu Mar 3 23:22:18 EET 2005

Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
> Hi,
> A couple of weeks ago there was some discussion about forking xpdf into 
> a pdf rendering library.  The thread sort of died, but it's an important 
> issue, so I've gone ahead a created this thing and called it poppler. 
> I've talked to evince and kpdf authors about the idea, and there seem to 
> be consensus that this is a good idea, and that these applications could 
> move to poppler once it's usable.  Bryan Clark has been talking to Derek 
> Noonburg, the Xpdf author, and says that Derek is OK with us forking Xpdf.

With help from Carl Worth, we now have a CVS repository, a bugzilla 
component, a mailing list and finally, a web page with links to all of 
the above:


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