Announcing Poppler

Kristian Høgsberg krh at
Wed Mar 2 00:45:22 EET 2005

Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> Hi, i think that is a good thing and i can ensure you that kpdf will make use 
> of poppler as soon as possible. 

That's great news.  I've just ported evince over to poppler, which 
helped me work out a couple of bugs in the installation.  I created a 
wiki page and released an updated tarball:

> Another thing that should be discussed is who is going to have write access, 
> IMHO someone from each of the projects 
> (evince/kpdf/¿gpdf?/all_other_things_that_have_a_copy_of_xpdf_inside) should 
> have write access to the CVS.

Yes, that was the plan.  Of course, we'll need to be a little more 
careful now that several project will be sharing the same xpdf fork, but 
I'm sure it'll work out.

> Moreover we are going to need a poppler mailing list or similar were we can 
> talk about poppler issues as talking them in xdg ML is off-topic i suppose.

Yep, that'll be necessary too.

> Albert.
> P.D: I am glad that evince xpdf copy has my fix for CID fonts on Freetype >= 
> 2.1.8 that means evince team is "spying" on what we do (as we are doing with 
> what they do) and using the same xpdf lib will make that "spying" useless and 
> give us more time to spend on other work :-)

Exactly!  Less boring work and more time for implementing cool features!


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