Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Sat Mar 5 15:54:28 EET 2005

On Friday 04 March 2005 19:36, Lars Hallberg wrote:

> It set everything up sanely for a newbee. But my frends isp don't allow
> outgoing smtp conektions, to fight spam or virusmail or somthing :-/ So
> I had to change the postfix conf to use the isp smtp server as
> smarthost. Easy for my, but on a 'typical' desktop install, a non sysop
> and newbee is alone at fixing this. It *needs* be part of the config
> system. It need to be easy to find and alter.

A non sysop newbee will  very likely just configure the ISP's SMTP server in 
their MUA's which usually have very easy setup wizards for this.
I am pretty sure they won't setup postfix to handle their email.


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