Working together: microstandard sugestion

Lars Hallberg spam at
Sun Mar 6 17:27:52 EET 2005

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

>>Hopfully, the core kde and gnome/gtk developers can
>>add minimal suport, 
>>so we get smal things like button order in dialogs
>>right (and D'nD save 
>>in rox). 
>this has come up before but afaik gnome applications
>hard code the button order so thats not a possibility
Hu... is this true?

That mean the suport have to go in to the apps insted. Will be less 
consistent adoption, but it's no showstopper. This is an important isue, 
an 'evil' revuer can call curent linux desktop 'bobytrapped' whithot 
completly lying. Different butonorder in dialogs is realy a way to fool 
users, the not uncommon class of users that higly rely on spartsial ui 


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