"Name" key value in desk. entry spec collides with file names, could misguide users?

David Faure dfaure at trolltech.com
Tue Mar 15 22:19:56 EET 2005

On Tuesday 15 March 2005 20:47, Kalle Vahlman wrote:
> The reason why this stuff is deadly in the windows world is that it
> can crap on your system settings, and essentially take over your
> machine. In Linux, it goes as far as your account lets it go (which,
> hopefully, won't be far).
Yeah, only as far as deleting all your personal files...

This line of thought has always amused me. "Linux is safe because a virus
can't mess up the system". Right. But reinstalling takes 30 minutes. On the
other hand, if all my private documents and photos etc. are wiped out, there's
no recovery (except for people who make backups).

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