Offtopic (was "Name" key value in desk. entry spec collides with file names, could misguide users?)

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM
Tue Mar 15 22:30:42 EET 2005

David Faure wrote:
> This line of thought has always amused me. "Linux is safe because a virus
> can't mess up the system". Right. But reinstalling takes 30 minutes. On the
> other hand, if all my private documents and photos etc. are wiped out, there's
> no recovery (except for people who make backups).

	I've never worked in a Unix shop that didn't do backups.
	And that included some pretty flaky development shops...

	Joking aside, I'm lurking in this list diluting
	my ignorance as part of writing a book on system
	administrating departments (and labs) of desktops.
	Desktop backup genuinely has some peculiarities, but
	is nevertheless both doable and inexpensive.

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