Bug and features in xdgmime

Axel Liljencrantz axel at liljencrantz.se
Fri Mar 18 09:54:15 EET 2005

Hi, All!

I've been using xdgmime for a program I've written, and I have two

I noticed a smallish bug: xdg_mime_shutdown() fails to free the
parent_list. This causees a memory leak. To fix this, add

  if( parent_list )
      _xdg_mime_parent_list_free ( parent_list);

to xdg_mime_shutdown(), and everything will be as it should.

Secondly, the API is somewhat limited. I think it would be useful to
implement the following functionality:

* Get the description of a mimetype. 
* Get the default launcher for a mimetype. 
* Parse a launcher string together with a list of files to launch into a
list of strings that can be sent to system() to launch programs. 

I have written a program which can do all of the above things. It will
be included in the next release of a GPL'd program I'm writing. (Check
http://roo.no-ip.org/fish if you're interested) If I where to add the
above functionality as a patch to xdgmime, would it be accepted? What
exactly is the intended scope of the xdgmime library? How about adding
library support for ROX-type preferred applications?


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