Menu Spec: including files & absolute paths

Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Mon Mar 21 19:12:35 EET 2005

Hi Waldo,
	I just noticed this:

Menu files must be well-formed XML files, conform to the menu file DTD,
and end in the extension ".menu". DTD conformance implies that
implementation-specific extensions to the file format are not allowed;
implementations are expected to stop processing if they encounter XML
elements or attributes that are not specified in this document.

	Now, technically there shouldn't be any problems with that if
implementations validate against the correct DTD version. With the GNOME
implementation, though, we don't actually pay any attention to the DTD
version and validate against our own hardcoded notion of the DTD. So,
we're going to start barfing on the "merge_parent" attribute. That's our
problem, though.

	Perhaps we should drop the "stop processing on unknown" part, allowing
implementations to just pass through unknown elements/attributes if they
don't do full DTD validation?


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