standard for mouse gestures?

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Tue Mar 22 09:49:15 EET 2005

Le Lundi 21 Mars 2005 21:01, Sven a écrit :

> I think the gestures-feature should not be a integrated completely for
> each application out there. Thats the situation at the moment, some
> browsers have the feature and apps like gaim offer them too.

In KDE, this is KHotKeys which is responsible of mouse gestures.
No application implement this directly.

KHotKeys can simulate any key press, execute any KDE action, and execute dcop 
calls or scripts. or do everything.

The only disadvantage of khotkeys is that i think it's a bit ha	rd to use for 
lambda user.

Anyway, KHotkeys  gestures works with all application :  KDE, and other ones.
When Dbus will be used instead of dcop that will even work better with non-KDE 

From the lecture of your mail, I feel you even didn't look at how KDE  handle 
mouse gesture. One should always look at the kde existing implementation 
before proposing new standard.  (KDE has lot of great things ;-p )

My idea is to not make such as standard, but implement others application like 
khotkeys for others desktop

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