standard for mouse gestures?

Sven sven.lug-dorsten at
Mon Mar 21 22:01:09 EET 2005

Hi list,

i'm new to the list, and my first post is about standard's for

I think the gestures-feature should not be a integrated completely for
each application out there. Thats the situation at the moment, some
browsers have the feature and apps like gaim offer them too.

In my opinion the window-manager should offer an interface for these
mouse-gestures and all app's interested in using them could act like
they want to.
If i understand things right, after implementing it into the
windowmanager, toolkit's like gtk and qt should also implement it. So
all that would change in programmer's live would be some additional
signals to assign.

If top level software like X, the WM, and several Toolkit's would have a
standard on how to work towards mouse-gestures, this nifty feature would
get very easy to implement into Software. And if it's easy to implement
those dicussions about its usefullness would stop.

A standard on how mouse-gestures should be used would also be nice,
its much like the hid-guideline. And perhaps it should be added there.
So the amount of standard functions that would be useful as a gesture
should be declared. e.g. "browse forward/backwards" should work the same
everywhere you are, the same with a gesture that does "close/open new

What do you think about it? Is it a topic for freedesktop?

regards, Sven Jaborek

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