Temporary wiki-location for a D-Conf project and specification page

Philip Van Hoof spamfrommailing at freax.org
Tue Mar 22 19:58:08 EET 2005

I've temporarily put what I have so far on my own wiki location here:


Once matured a little bit, I'd like to put (convert) the wiki source to
a better location, for example on the wiki of freedesktop.org. If
somebody of the freedesktop organisation is already convinced that is a
good idea, he or she is free to do that already.

As you can see it's far from complete. Only the "Requirements &
pre-analysis" section is filled in. There's of course many other
sections. And perhaps will there be more sections when development

Everybody is free to edit content (after creating a wiki-login, but
thats only to scare away spambots), to add information and

Once matured enough so that it can be put on an official location, some
(social) rules about what and how to put new stuff on the page will have
to be agreed upon, of course.

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