Dual Head PiP ?

Kivanc KARANIS kivanc_k at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 3 06:26:59 EET 2005

Hope this is not the wrong list.

What I`m trying to do is, I`m using dualhead nvidia
and  without caring xinerama, seperate xscreens or
twinview, I have two different displays on seperate
physical locations (when you are infront of one, you
cant see the other). And  what I`m trying to do is, I
want to see what is playing in the other display :1
from display :0 in a  picture-in-picture manner. The
bad news is, the other display :1 is displaying
fullscreen videofiles, that`s why I couldn`t succeed
with xwud style solution.

Any ideas ?

Thanks a lot anyway.


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