<Merge ...> vs. inline submenus - sorting problem

Andrey Borzenkov arvidjaar at mail.ru
Tue Mar 15 15:36:19 EET 2005

For historical reasons I prefer menus (and items therein) sorted in 
alphabetical order so I have as menu definition basically:

<DefaultLayout inline="true" inline_header="false" inline_limit="1">
<Merge type="all"/>

where every <Menu> just refers to corr. subdirectory and contains <Include>.

I also like the idea of inlined submenus hence the above (inline, 

Unfortunately they seem to not coexist well. First menus are sorted, then 
items from submenus are insterted. It results in layout that is completely 
broken w.r.t. sort order. It is getting worse if I use separate merge types 
menu/files - as then files appear between menus making overall look rather 

Am I missing something obvious here?



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