thumbnail specification URI escaping

Xavi Gratal xgrtl at
Tue Mar 15 12:11:40 EET 2005

I don't even know if this is the right list to send this message, but I have 
to try!
I am trying to implement the thumbnail specification and I found a major 
problem: gnome and KDE don't apparently agree on whether to use the %20 (and 
so on) escaping for URIs. This is not a problem except for calculating the 
hash, because they obviously lead to other hashes
gnome seems to escape all spaces to %20, so file:///home/my document becomes 
file:///home/my%20document and this is the string which is hashed, while KDE 
doesn't seem to do it. I think the specification should state what should be 
done, and also say which characters should be escaped and which not, and 
whether to use %2f or %2F and other details. My opinion is that either we 
follow exactly the RFC, which says that every not-unreserved character 
should be escaped, which includes %20 and many more, or we decide not to 
escape anything and use UTF8 for encoding before calculating the hash, as it 
is not necessary to escape because the string is only used internally.
Any idea?

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