[PROPOSAL] Desktop Bookmarks

Emmanuele Bassi ebassi at gmail.com
Tue May 10 18:19:03 EEST 2005

> > I'm still not yet convinced on the opportunity to use XBEL for the
> > task, but - as I said - I'm still open minded for the storage format
> > of the bookmarks.
> >
> > But, supposing that an XBEL-compliant format would be chosen, FD.O
> > would be required to create a XML namespace for the desktop bookmarks.
> >
> > I'll investigate more on the XBEL solution.
>   Okay. The very first thing is to explain in what sense XBEL is incomplete
> for desktop usage, i.e. why you would need to extend it and with what
> informations. Then it may or may not make sense to develop an extension,

As I said, it's not that XBEL is incomplete for desktop usage: I said
that, if we use XBEL as storage standard, we end up defining more
metadata that actual data, and at that point a new format basically
requires the same amount of work as defining custom metadata for XBEL.

Nevertheless, I ported my draft to XBEL, just to see how it would
become.  The URL is the same:


As you can see, apart from the XBEL tags, the metadata is the same.


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