SystemTray "Undock"

Stefan Walkner walkner.stefan at
Thu May 26 23:13:38 EEST 2005


I hope I got the right mailing list - if not - please tell me where I can find 
a solution.

I followed and 
was able to create a systray and receive events etc.
But now I'm not able to remove the systray (on runtime - and perhaps send a 
new dock request and show the tray again...).
I also read the where the 
lifecycle should end by sending a ReparentNotify event. But I'm not able to 
do so.
I had a look in various implementations (xfce-systray, xchat-systray) but I 
couldn't find the solution.

I would really appreciate if someone could post the solution for me or even 
link to the part of the specification or somewhere on the interenet where I 
can find a solution...

thanks very much in advance,
stefan walkner

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