/etc/fstab setup for HAL to mount removable media properly

Erik Strack ews5 at alumni.case.edu
Thu Nov 3 18:06:54 PST 2005

  I recently had a bit of trouble figuring out how to set-up my
/etc/fstab correctly so that HAL would properly mount removable media
when inserted.

  I found that I had to add "/dev/hdc" as the device node for my CDROM
for HAL to mount it properly, instead of "/dev/cdrom" or another alias. 
(Usually I use such aliases as I forget whether I've currently installed
an ATAPI or SCSI drive.)

  I wish there had been some documentation included in the HAL package
to inform me to take care with this - I'm using hal 0.4.7, and it
installed a bunch of API documentation in /usr/share/doc/hal-0.4.7/api/,
but the "main" docs in /usr/share/doc/hal-0.4.7-r2/INSTALL.gz and
/usr/share/doc/hal-0.4.7-r2/README.gz made no mention of it.

  If there's anything I could do to help improve the situation, such as
adding to some document, I'd be happy to in order to assist other users.

  Many Many thanks for HAL and freedesktop.org!  I really appreciate and
am a fan of your work.

-- Erik

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