Torsten Rahn tackat at t-online.de
Thu Nov 3 21:22:50 PST 2005

Am Donnerstag, 3. November 2005 16:49 schrieb Rodney Dawes:
> Others are more than welcome to join, 
> but KDE and GNOME are the big two. 

Sorry, but you are stating something that might be misleading. KDE has exactly  
_no_ plans  whatsoever for shipping the Tango icon theme itself.  If you want 
to know why, look here:


Except for that: If you compare the color palette of the Tango theme closely 
with the Novell websites (e.g. shades of dark red, orange, gray, etc. heck, 
the green is even named "Chameleon") you'll realize that they are _very_ 
close, i.e. hard to distinct from the "original" colors for most people. Too 
close for us -- maybe different enough for others.

I don't care whether XFCE or Firefox are keen on giving up their visual 
identity and promote NOVELL derived Corporate Identity just to integrate 
nicely with the Gnome desktop. 
I don't care whether Redhat other distributions will basically like to promote 
NOVELL's look and feel (although it might fit well as a subliminary message).

I can just say for KDE that we will independently continue to preserve our own 
visual identity. With _sane_ specifications that cover technical interfaces 
_only_ we can achieve the very same goals as Tango not just for _one_ 
icontheme but for all of them! For the benefit of the user.

We appreciate and welcome any improvement in terms of usability and 
appearance. But we think that the ubiquitous usage of a specific icontheme to 
solve the issues you are trying to fix is the wrong answer to the right 

Although I like KDE on NOVELL/SUSE LINUX very much (I'm using it myself since 
years on a daily basis) I consider mailinglists for an icontheme 
incorporating and promoting NOVELL's corporate identity _abuse_ of this 

Otherwise we would feel the need to advertise KDE's visual identity on this 
site as well by providing a comparable offer using the _very_ popular and 
_very_ complete "Crystal" icontheme which almost has become a "standard" of 
its own due to its circulation.

I therefore ask the people responsible for this site to move this stuff to 
http://www.kde-look.org or http://art.gnome.org where it belongs.

> While the theme works, by creating a 
> bunch of symlinks to old-style names, it would be nice to also get the

Symlinks? I hope you don't do this to KDE! IMHO this would be a major stupid 
idea! Are you fully aware of the consequences? 
KDE 4 will support the icon naming scheme you want to use natively! Let's do 
this right without hacks and without workarounds which are crying for bugs, 
slowdowns, and trouble!

Kind regards,

        Torsten Rahn,
        <rahn at kde.org>
        KDE Project

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