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seventh guardian seventhguardian at
Mon Nov 7 09:26:56 PST 2005

I don't want to place myself in either side of the question regardin
Tango, but I must refer to one thing that I don't agree with:

> The tango project is a worthwile effort to bring  UI consistency
> to UNIX desktops. The look and feel is an important  aspect of
> desktop interoperability, and also includes icon themes. So
> any efforts towards icon theme unification have a positive impact
> on the desktop projects as a whole.

This I don't agree with. Any attempt to make the "look and feel"
uniform across DM's is an attempt to create yet another Windows. I
agree with standards like a Mime System or a common configuration
directory, but the "look'n'feel" is something that shouldn't be
standardized. That's what makes some DM diferent from another. If you
take that away from us there's no point on existing multiple DM's. Kde
could readilly merge with Gnome being that so.

And when someone talks about an uniform icon theme, that goes against
the individual freedom. That's not linux. That is windows. If you want
to create another windows, I'm off from

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