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Hongli Lai hongli at
Mon Nov 7 09:37:23 PST 2005

seventh guardian wrote:
> This I don't agree with. Any attempt to make the "look and feel"
> uniform across DM's is an attempt to create yet another Windows. I
> agree with standards like a Mime System or a common configuration
> directory, but the "look'n'feel" is something that shouldn't be
> standardized. That's what makes some DM diferent from another. If you
> take that away from us there's no point on existing multiple DM's. Kde
> could readilly merge with Gnome being that so.
> And when someone talks about an uniform icon theme, that goes against
> the individual freedom. That's not linux. That is windows. If you want
> to create another windows, I'm off from

But normal users do not care about multiple desktops. They don't care 
that there is a GNOME, KDE, XFCE, IceWM, Blackbox, WhateverWM, they just 
want to use their apps and get work done. A unified look & feel improves 
usability. If you don't want the two desktops to look the same, nobody's 
preventing you to install different icon themes. Normal users on the 
user hand don't even care that there are other icon themes.

For years, people have complained about GNOME and KDE apps looking 
different. When RedHat came with Bluecurve, people flamed for a month 
and then everybody went back to complaining how GNOME and KDE look 

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