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Torsten Rahn tackat at
Tue Nov 8 02:14:51 PST 2005

> > Think about it:
> > On the Windows plattform the Tango icon theme will look alien. Instead of
> > looking alien the ISV will prefer trying to give the application a
> > distinct look which will promote its own visual identity.
> > So trying to appeal to ISV's is doesn't make sense here.
> You have a very narrow-minded view of what an ISV is.  

Thanks for the flowers! If my text covers mostly proprietary / commercial 
software then this is not about being narrow-minded but because all the other 
cases are usually "trivially" handled already.

Most developers on will either 

a) use KDE or Gnome libraries and therefore get icons using the iconloader. 
Most icons they need _are_ usually shipped with the default icontheme. And 
those extra icons which they need are usually abstract enough that they 
usually don't follow a specific style.
b) adhere to the default icontheme of the respective desktop environment that 
uses the toolkit of the application to integrate it as good as possible with 
c) not care and just choose what they like. 


Torsten Rahn

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