Request for a Standard for Window Management using .desktop file

fr dude fr.dude at
Sun Oct 16 19:19:54 PDT 2005

Window Management using .desktop file
We use .desktop files which can have icons, names (unicode), work
folder etc. and I would like to bring your attention to something
which I would call "Window Execution mode." for different application

We have different types of applications.

1. standalone    (visible as a taskbar button)
2. docked          (visible as system tray icons)

And some applications like "alltray" which allows standalone
application to behave as an docking applets(i.e., taskbutton to system
tray icon)

Either application type could be run in these window execution modes:

0. Fullscreen
1. Maximized
2. Minimized
3. Shaded
4. Background
5. Foreground
6. Docked
7. Hidden
8. Different window size (custom window size)

I wish to see a standard for the .desktop files which could allow any
application (if supported) to run in any of the of above 7
appearance/launch mode.

Examples for the above launch modes:

0. fullscreen: The following applications require fullscreen modes for
better user interface:
    a) Games: tuxracer, opengl games, sdl games
    b) Emulators: zsnes, xmame, dosemu, xdosemu
    c) other applications: filemanagers, presentations, web browsers etc.,
    d) video applications: mplayer, xine

The above applications do support full screen mode using command line
switch, but the .desktop could provide better information to the user
that the file is going to launch in full screen.

1. maximized: These applications benefit with maximized interface
    a) file managers
    b) web browsers
    c) text editors
    almost all applications which require more visible screen space.

likewise some application could require to be "always on top" etc.,


The obvious advantage of using .desktop file is that the "Presentation
(launch) of an application" could be controlled by the desktop
environment and or user using .desktop files. And third party could
set the default launch behavior/size/status using .deskotp files.

I've also request this and i'm directed to xdg :)


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