C library for XDG?

Raul Suarez suarez2018 at rogers.com
Sat Oct 22 18:54:47 PDT 2005


To the point:
Is there a C library for working with the xdg
standards similar to python's pyXDG?

Now the long explanation:

I am planning to enable support for XDG menus for a
very light distro called puppy

The Live CD (53 MB) does not come with Perl or python
so the existing solutions are not an option.

The default window Manager is JWM
(http://joewin.net/programs/jwm) which does not have
support for XDG. I've contacted the developer and he
would be quite happy if I find/create a solution.

Puppy also supports IceWM, fvwm95, flubox, Xfce as
extra installs, I would like to use the same library
for all the WMs that don't already support the
specification. (Xfce supports it partially).

I studied the specification and started creating the
library when it dawned on me that maybe someone is
already working on it. If that's the case I would
prefer to contribute to that effort than to dupplicate

Any pointers related to my questions will be

Thank you,

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