C library for XDG?

Christian Neumair chris at gnome-de.org
Sun Oct 23 07:45:35 PDT 2005

Am Samstag, den 22.10.2005, 21:54 -0400 schrieb Raul Suarez:
> Hi,
> To the point:
> Is there a C library for working with the xdg
> standards similar to python's pyXDG?
> Now the long explanation:
> I am planning to enable support for XDG menus for a
> very light distro called puppy
> (http://www.puppylinux.com).
> The Live CD (53 MB) does not come with Perl or python
> so the existing solutions are not an option.
> The default window Manager is JWM
> (http://joewin.net/programs/jwm) which does not have
> support for XDG. I've contacted the developer and he
> would be quite happy if I find/create a solution.
> Puppy also supports IceWM, fvwm95, flubox, Xfce as
> extra installs, I would like to use the same library
> for all the WMs that don't already support the
> specification. (Xfce supports it partially).
> I studied the specification and started creating the
> library when it dawned on me that maybe someone is
> already working on it. If that's the case I would
> prefer to contribute to that effort than to dupplicate
> it.
> Any pointers related to my questions will be
> appreciated.

You might want to take a look at gnome-menus [1,2]. Its library
libgnome-menu doesn't depend on anything other than glib 2.0 2.6.0.

[1] http://cvs.gnome.org/viewcvs/gnome-menus/
[2] ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/gnome-menus/

Christian Neumair <chris at gnome-de.org>
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