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Benjamin Rich wrote:
>But we are still left with this pointless separation. Why not have one
>place only for applications, and one place for a user's files?

We had this discussion in a KDE mailing list a few years ago and I 
remember it was quite heated. There was a strong resistance to making the 
the desktop show icons for stuff that is in $HOME.

The simple reason being that we don't want to clutter the desktop with 
icons for files and directories that are in $HOME but will never be 
clicked on. For example, I have ~/src, ~/obj and ~/bin. Why should I ever 
want to click the "bin" folder in my desktop? The few scripts I placed 
there are not graphical desktop stuff.

One other thing: there are still many legacy applications that require 
files on home. Sometimes those files are not hidden (think of license.txt 
files). Why should these files be shown in the desktop?

We ended up concluding that $HOME and Desktop are two different things.

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