Bernd Schwendele ml at
Thu Apr 6 17:49:02 EEST 2006

Benjamin Rich schrieb:
> What is the point of saving files to the desktop so they're easily
> accessible; but then having to move them into the home directory? 2x
> organisation for the user, wasting time they could be spending
> actually using their files.
Well, if I am looking onto my desk at home it is the same. Papers, books 
a calculator, some pens and a ruler. If I have finished work, I have to 
put the books back and the documents too. So it's real life. :)

> Why have application launchers on the desktop? Once you've launched an
> app, it takes up the screen, and the desktop is obscured so you can't
> launch any others. Isn't this why panels and the 'quick launch' bar in
> windows, and so forth, were invented? Look at the simplicity of the
> Mac OSX dock, I say.
Full ack! My pens and ruler are on the top of my desk. If I am writing 
something and left the pen near my pad and opening a book, which I take 
over the pad, because space is finite, I sometimes searching the pen. So 
I have to say, apps shouldn't be on the "desktop". ;)


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