An addition to the clipboard specification

Toni Ruottu toni.ruottu at
Sat Apr 15 00:18:20 EEST 2006

  Hi again.

> My usage is that I do use them as two separate entities. When I select 
> with the mouse, I will paste with the MMB. When I Ctrl+C, I Ctrl+V.

> This is especially interesting when using the clipboard to replace stuff: 
> select with mouse (sets PRIMARY), Ctrl+C (sets CLIPBOARD), select 
> destination (sets PRIMARY again), Ctrl+V (pastes CLIPBOARD).

Then you will be happy to know that my proposal (, mr. Weinbergs
original proposal and the legacy way) serves your use cases perfectly.

> If selecting with the mouse set the CLIPBOARD, then the above operation 
> would have resulted in a no-op.

> And the reason the above behaviour should be kept is that this is what 
> people coming from that other operating system expect. Those who didn't 
> use X11 in the old days aren't used to the behaviour you describe. If 
> everything they select with the mouse turns into a Copy-to-clipboard, 
> they'll be very annoyed.

Yes. That's why I didn't suggest it in first place (and neither did
Weinberg). :-)

> I'm still trying, though, to come up with a good use-case where 
> clipboard-to-primary transfer would be a bad idea.

Okay. I hope that such does not exist. I also hope that, if one exists
someone will find it and bring it up. :-)


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