An addition to the clipboard specification

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Sat Apr 15 00:00:18 EEST 2006

Toni Ruottu wrote:
>The description in bug report is the historical way. You may still tell
>us why your way is better and why the old way would block it. Usability
>reasons are more important than legacy reasons. How ever usability
>reasons are also more important than custom usage habbits or idealistic

My usage is that I do use them as two separate entities. When I select 
with the mouse, I will paste with the MMB. When I Ctrl+C, I Ctrl+V.

This is especially interesting when using the clipboard to replace stuff: 
select with mouse (sets PRIMARY), Ctrl+C (sets CLIPBOARD), select 
destination (sets PRIMARY again), Ctrl+V (pastes CLIPBOARD).

If selecting with the mouse set the CLIPBOARD, then the above operation 
would have resulted in a no-op.

And the reason the above behaviour should be kept is that this is what 
people coming from that other operating system expect. Those who didn't 
use X11 in the old days aren't used to the behaviour you describe. If 
everything they select with the mouse turns into a Copy-to-clipboard, 
they'll be very annoyed.

I'm still trying, though, to come up with a good use-case where 
clipboard-to-primary transfer would be a bad idea.

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